"Beton" cocktail celebrates 50 years with our 5 new drink variations   

Becher Beton Bar Becher Beton Bar Becher Beton Bar
Becherovka ― Becher Beton Bar

"Beton" is the cocktail first mixed In Montreal in 1967, and it's a combination of Becherovka and tonic water. But even though it's 50 years old it's still as refreshing and original as ever and it does what it's best at — it connects people with fresh new ideas. And we've gotten a fresh idea to connect this legendary cocktail with 5 craftsmen and give Beton a new special touch in our own Becher Beton Bar. This is the fourth campaign, after Becher Atelier, Becher Market, and Becher Bistro, where we connected Becherovka with local Slovak artists and craftsmen.

This time, we've given the 5 local Slovak product makers a free hand to create their own new take on the Beton cocktail (local fruit syrup makers, coffee roasters, jam makers, apple cider and craft beer brewers). We've introduced the creators and their versions of Beton on a website www.becherbetonbar.sk where you could look up the recipes and mix the drink on your own.

Part of the campaign were also garden parties in 5 Slovak cities, each of them dedicated to a different version of the cocktail. Cheers!


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