We've opened an online atelier where we turned fans' photos into art.   

Becher Atelier Becher Atelier Becher Atelier
Becherovka ― Becher Atelier

There's not a lot of products that are rooted into the culture of Czech Republic as strongly as Becherovka. It's a drink with a tradition, being on the market for over 200 years. During the years it has managed to build a strong audience. However, most of the consumers are now older people, and the Becherovka is considered as "a grandma's drink".

Our challenge was to get the drink to the younger "hip" audience. How to do it though? By connecting what they love: art, passion, and joy of life.

We've opened online Becher Atelier, where 3 skilled young Slovak illustrators faced a tough task — repaint photos that people submitted via www.becheratelier.sk so they'd get their photo back as a piece of art. Each illustration was branded with a logo or a bottle of Becherovka. Then, an exhibition of these pieces of art was arranged:


It doesn't happen very often that people put a brand logo or a product into their profile pictures and cover photos, or that you get free media space on T-shirts and culture magazines, but here we go. At the end of the campaign we sent the drawings to the people who submitted the photos, fueling even more online engagement. 

And here's the case study for the Slovak speaking folks:


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