Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

We are an integrated creative agency.

It means, that we integrate creativity, strategy, production and local insight to create impactful campaigns.

*It also means, that we work in integrated teams - without departments.

**We can handle whole clients account and keep their communication integrated and efficient.

Our two lovely offices

TRIAD Bratislava
TRIAD Bratislava
Slovakia’s advertising and digital agency of the year
Czech Republic’s innovative agency of the year
We also founded several tools to innovate agency workflow including Allfred and Kontentino.
Together we are DevinBand.

Our lovely clients

Our lovely services

We’re always trying to find innovative and effective solutions to meet your marketing challenges.

The outcome might be a huge integrated campaign incorporating TV, radio, outdoor or print ad, PR, digital, new branding & new communication strategy; but it could just as well be the right social content.

Sometimes advertising might not even be the best solution!

Some of our fundamental rules

The faces of TRIAD