Bullshit-free Media. (Criss Cross)

"Will it work?" This is the most frequent question at the end of every successful creative presentation, and the most competent answer is always: "We don't know." But we know we can always propose a media strategy that has a very good chance of turning the answer into: "Very probably, yes."

State-of-the-art preparation and research, throwing the common biases out of the window, and looking for synergy and salience in the media through remarketing and frequency best describe our approach to media. Once we launch, we continuously optimize and create reports that show us where to boost and what to switch off. And once we are done, there is always an extensive report that helps us to do better in the long term. 

Jan Papac

Let's buy a lot of billboards for this campaign because I saw a lot of billboards recently – This assumption occurs in the meetings every few months and is just awfully wrong.

Ján Papač, Head of Media Criss Cross 

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