How a driving Facebook test became unbelievably viral   

What kind of driver are you? What kind of driver are you? What kind of driver are you?
Genertel ― What kind of driver are you?

Online insurance was the first Slovak insurance company to provide an online compulsory motor vechile insurance, and that's why they looked for drivers who actively used the internet (not always the case in 2010).

We've decided to test the drivers' ego and find the best one on Facebook. Thanks to our "What kind of driver are you?" test people could compete each other and compare who's a just a "holiday driver" or a "highway pirate".


Breaking the records

The app becamse the fastest growing Facebook app in the world (yes, in the world) in 8 days after its launch. We've achieved international recognition and the app was used by over 350 000 drivers, all including their emails for our client Genertel.

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