Young passionate artists have turned their passion into 5 new original products for Becherovka.   

Becher Market Becher Market Becher Market
Becherovka ― Becher Market

Becherovka has gotten a reputation of being a brand that's able to talk to the young and honors the same values with our Becher Atelier campaign. 

Our next campaign Becher Market pushes this image even further. We've called in a couple of Slovak artists/entrepreneurs that have decided to live by their passion. We gave them the medial space and they gave us back products full of their heart. That's how beautiful socks, shoelaces, wooden bowties or ice cream were created, all of them Becherovka branded (or flavored), of course.

Next, we've launched a new e-shop Becher Market, to spread the limited art throughout the country. You could buy them on as well, but the currency was Facebook shares. 

Not only have people shared our brand, but supported local Slovak artists as well. On top of that, we've organized 3 live Becher Market events — garden parties with live music where people could get more of the Becherovka limited edition products. 

Becherovka and young talent goes together.


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