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Here at TRIAD, we don’t make any distinction between digital and non-digital staff or creative and non-creative people. Our creative professionals share their office spare with account managers and social media specialists, all working side by side on our projects. From the very beginning, everyone plays a role in building our creativity, from copywriters to programmers.

What we want is for what we do to make sense, to make our clients happy, for our results to speak for themselves and for us to feel good at work. We’ve won lots of awards for our work, but we know that we’re not the advertising champions of the world, and that’s not what we’re striving to become anyway.

What we do

We try to find innovative and effective solutions to meet our marketing challenges and missions. The outcome might be a huge integrated campaign incorporating TV ads, radio spots, outdoor or printed adverts, PR, content marketing, digital ads, new branding, developing a communication strategy; but it could just as well be a small online campaign, social media communication or a mobile app. Sometimes, advertising might not even be the best solution!

Money isn’t what we work for, because you can’t buy enthusiasm. Awards aren’t what we work for either, as advertising shouldn’t just be nice to look at and funny. We don’t do things that don’t make sense, as that kind of advertising is simply pointless. And we don’t do things that we disagree with on a moral level, because that would mean we were working just for the money.


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Creativity is intelligence having fun


Independent Slovak advertising agency Integrating creative, social, and account teams Established in 2005 Branches in Bratislava and Prague Employing over 100 people Working for brands in over 10 countries Dog & baby friendly Organising All Fans Party

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TRIAD Advertising

TRIAD Advertising
Brigádnická 27
Bratislava - Devín
Tel: 00421 948 159 215

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