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TRIAD ― The Likeboard

In Triad we've created a lot of campaigns that make use of the strength of social media. That's why we became one of the main partners of a Slovak Facebook marketing conference "Internet Rulezz: All about Facebook".

How to get Facebook to the conference?

Conference had some great speakers, a lot of visitors, and some good food. But something was missing — actual Facebook. We're used that we can like or comment things on the internet, but how to do it on the internet? We've made "I like it" stamp that guests could use in order to like what they like on the conference.

Stamps on tech steroids

It would be too lame to just stamp the things with an ink. We've used NFC technology and put some RFID chips into the stamps. The chips were linked to the Facebook and the RFID readers on the stamp board took care of transferring the like to people's Facebook profiles and the event's Facebook application.

People could see who liked what on the board and their Facebook walls in real time.



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