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O2 ― Christmas forecast

People love Christmas, but hate seeing Christmas ads in October already. That's why when our competitors started airing their Christmas commercials way ahead of Christmas time we have announced the Christmas weather forecast warning level 1. 

The post spread quickly and became the most shared and liked post of the year of all the Slovak telecommunication companies. It's gained a lot of attention from the media as well, and even a petition was made, asking for a change in the legislative regarding the time limit on Christmas ads before actual Christmas. 

The campaign carried three Facebook posts, each of them issuing a higher Christmas weather forecast warning level, poking fun at the most notorious Slovak Christmas ads, and the campaign went viral quickly.

We've communicated that O2 doesn't have to hide it's offers behind a Christmas campaign and that all of the great deals are available all year round. 

A supporting microsite offered fair O2 deals along with the Christmas ad blocker that has covered ads on all of the most popular Slovak portals and even sponsored posts in their Facebook feeds.

By the way, we've created an interactive Facebook Flash post where people could vote in the comments on whether they are in the Christmas spirit already. Turns out most people starts having Christmas spirit only after 12th of December.


The campaign has the first place in the "Online campaign" category of the Strategy magazine (10/2014).

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