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Eyerim ― Magic Mirror

Eyerim is an e-shop with glasses and a Slovak startup of the year 2018. The company promo has worked wonderfully thanks to the well targeted PPCs. We were asked to create their first big campaign, aim of which was to get the people to their web, so they would try their cool feature: Magic Mirror, aka "virtual try on".

We've brought them a new claim — Find Yourself, because on Eyerim website everyone can find themselves. Idea behind the spot was the parallel between the mirroring surfaces you can find both in the offline world and in the Eyerim's online tool. Each time the spot heroes saw themselves in a mirror they saw themselves with glasses on. Because, as we say in the spot, you're only one look away from new glasses.

Spot was supported by other online and offline media formats, presenting the changing glasses in a way you'd experience in the website's magic mirror. We've asked some famous people and influencers to show how easy it is to try on new glasses in their stories and posts too and the people just loved it.

Check out the online spot that has about million views and over more than 18% better watch-through rate than the benchmark. 


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