Birell has always been non-alcoholic and to think something different is absurd, just like these questions   

Of course Birell is non-alcoholic Of course Birell is non-alcoholic Of course Birell is non-alcoholic
Birell ― Of course Birell is non-alcoholic

At the time of the campaign, non-alcoholic Birell was on the market for 26 years. However, the beer market is a bit confusing in this matter, some of the beers are both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, some are flavored, some are not. This variety of options made some people starting to think that Birell has an alcoholic version as well. But Birell has always been, is, and always will be non-alcoholic, just like orange juice, or bread.

We've helped to put things straight by communicating a set of absurd questions answer to which is obvious right away. Is donut non-alcoholic? Is pizza dough? Or apple? Do you see this citylight on a bus stop? Do you see this pre-roll on YouTube? Of course you do, it's as obvious as the fact that Birell is non-alcoholic.

The campaign asked obvious location-specific questions on citylights, banners, in grocery stores, but also on radio stations, websites, Spotify audio ads or specific website portals. Each of the creative fitted its questions to the environment it was presented in.

Here's the case study, in Slovak.


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