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Tarjanne Dúbravka Tarjanne Dúbravka Tarjanne Dúbravka
YIT ― Tarjanne Dúbravka

YIT home is a developer that brings us the Finnish standard of living to Slovakia. Our assignment was to promote the first residential project Tarjanne in Dúbravka district via a communication that's going to differ from the other developers in Bratislava.

You can but you don't have to

Since the site of Dúbravka is both close to a forest and still easily accessible from the city we've decided to base our communication on the freedom of choice that Tarjanne offers. You can enjoy a lot of activities in the surrounding nature – but you don't have to if you don't feel like it at the moment.

Cartoonish visuals

We also take on the visual style of Tarjanne project communication from a new angle. Contrary to computer-generated 3D visualizations used by other developers we've decided to do something really different – cartoon pictures of life at Tarjanne. And so, visuals with paper dragon flying, snowman building and jogging in nature were born.

YIT supports the nature

YIT home – as a responsible developer – takes care of surroundings of their projects. The employees of YIT home cleaned the forest around the project with a help of volunteers and helped reconstructing with reconstruction of tourist signs and trail markers.

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