Everything has a website nowadays   

Everything can be .online Everything can be .online Everything can be .online
Websupport ― Everything can be .online

Websupport offers a tool that makes it ridiculously easy to create a website and truly anyone can create one.

In order to communicate that truly anything can be online we've created 60 bizarre websites, hinting that "even this crap has a website, and you still don't"? Things like emptyrollofatoiletpaper.online, beingtiredafterholidays.online, cathesitatingatthedoor.online filled online ads and at the end of each uniquely created comical websites we told people how simple it is to create a website of their own too.

Of course, we didn't just create random websites and released them into the wild. Instead we've written the websites and targeted them for specific people's interests and locations (like kosicesingingfountainlytics.online). Additional witty websites were created reflecting current events and the hottest news in Slovakia to support shareability and campaign awareness, reflecting events like presidential campaign, flood, or even just popular comments on Facebook. People really had fun with the campaign and the sales numbers spoke for themselves.

And here's the case study in Slovak that, of course, also had a website of its own.


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