Projection mapping for our fans   

T(h)anks to all fans T(h)anks to all fans T(h)anks to all fans
TRIAD ― T(h)anks to all fans

Each year we're hosting a party for all the Triad fans, friends and families. Over time, a small barbeque session has turned into the "All Fans Party" with a size of a small festival.

Along with the good food, the famous Devin's redcurrant wine and chill we're always having fun with something special that we make for our fans. In 2011 we've made something that nobody has ever done before — a massive multiplayer projection mapping game for all of our fans.

Tanks for everyone

After a couple of days of coding and projection testing our house has turned into a live battlefield for the whole evening. People could join over local WiFi and shoot each other in tanks projected on the agency. No need for an app, you could control the tanks in a web browser both on Android and iOS.

Keep in mind that this was 2011!


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