Hand–drawing loads of bottomless mulled wine mugs for our clients and friends.   

Magic Mug (P.F. 2017) Magic Mug (P.F. 2017) Magic Mug (P.F. 2017)
TRIAD ― Magic Mug (P.F. 2017)

We always strive to have friendships with our clients instead of just cold business relations — that's why we always try to invent something special and personal as a New Year greeting (or a "P.F." as it's usually called in Slovakia), something that would get us a little bit closer together.

2017's winter was extremely cold and we wanted to gift our clients with some warm feelings, both figuratively and literally. We took some classic enamel mugs, the kind that we all remember from our grandparents' when the family met at the Christmas tree. But that wouldn't be too personal, each of the cups was illustrated by us — the TRIAD employees! And we enjoyed it too; we got together, put on some Christmas music and spent hours drawing the mugs while having some mulled wine. Each of our clients could look forward to an original mug, the final mug count was 195.

195 bottomless wine mugs, packed

On top of that, each of the mug was magical — everyone who came to the Bratislava Christmas Markets could have it filled with a legendary Devin mulled currant wine for free, and refill it as often as they wanted :)


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