A bottle of Tatratea has a piece of Slovakia inside and we took it on a world tour   

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Tatratea ― Worldtour

Slovaks on holidays abroad often bring the locals something purely Slovak, and a bottle of Tatratea has a piece of its homeland inside — tradition, craftsmanship and Tatras (iconic Mountains that are a symbol of Slovakia). Hence, we've created a campaign inviting travelling people to take Tatratea along and become micro-influencers themselves.

We've created a travel diary on Tatratea's Instagram, where we re-uploaded posts with #tatratea hashtag people shared from their holidays with a Tatratea bottle. By the end of the active campaign phase people shared over 20 000 #tatratea posts and visited 83 countries, which is 40% of the world. But people loved the activation and kept posting on, turning the Tatratea World Tour into a long-running brand-awareness campaign, visiting 131 different countries in course of 2 years.

The campaign was supported by constant post about World Tour statistics updates, incorporating user content and thus increasing user engagement.

This is the case study created at the end of the active campaign phase.


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