The perfect mix of taste, music and nature.   

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Tatratea ― Heartmix

Tatratea can be enjoyed both as a shot and a cocktail, but wanted to inspire people and bartenders to taste Tatratea in a way light with our Heartmix campaign. 

Legendary bartender Marián Beke, owning the 6th best bar in the world that earned this title within weeks of its opening, created 7 unique Tatratea cocktails. Those were accompanied by beautiful nature mood videos fitted specifically for each respective drink, describing their character. The drinks' finishing touch was crafted by Jureš from the music band Fallgrap, which produced produced a new remix of his song I.N.A for each of the new original drinks.

A perfect harmony of music, visuals and taste for each of the 7 drinks. You can check out the drink experiences below.

And the case study:


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