Journalists' strongest weapon — their questions.   

We are the ones that won't stop asking We are the ones that won't stop asking We are the ones that won't stop asking
SME ― We are the ones that won't stop asking

How far can this go? Why are they not behind the bars? Who profits from our health? Questions like these are the main hero for the campaign, aimed at increasing the brand image and digital subscriptions of the SME newspaper.

"Sme" also means "We" in Slovak, hence the play of the words in the campaign key message: "We are the ones that won't stop asking". It builds upon the journalists' strongest asset: their ability to ask good questions, so the readers can get good answers.

The idea also directs the visual style of the campaign, presented in the news articles and social media posts. The style of is a short, straightforward question on the red background helps to stand out in the information overload on the social media.

Another strong asset of the campaign are the names of the popular SME editors. Beáta Balogová, Ján Krempaský, Peter Schutz and others are signed under various provoking questions that were dominant in Slovakia at the time. 

We've created a template that simply unified how SME communicated on social media. Here's a video spot we've created for this campaign with our friends from the Playground 13 production. Voiceover is a prominent Slovak actor Robert Roth.


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