Connecting Slovaks of the east from all around the world with Šariš   

Map of the Easterners Map of the Easterners Map of the Easterners
Šariš ― Map of the Easterners

Eastern Slovaks ("Východniari") are a group of people especially proud of their origins and they like to come back, even if roads of life had led them far away from home. They're also very coherent about their origins: as soon as two of them meet, they quickly switch to their mother tongue — the specific eastern Slovak dialect. They're just people that know their roots and are proud of them.

Eastern Slovakia is also the birthplace of Šariš beer, that is beloved mainly by the aforementioned target group. Our client knows how important it is to build a good relationship with your customers and dedicates a lot of time to building for brand loyalty. And that's how our campaign was born, we spoke to all the eastern Slovaks that were far away from home and had no place to buy their favorite eastern Slovak beer.

We've created a website, where all of the eastern Slovaks living abroad could mark themselves on the big "Eastern Slovak Map". The reward for them were cans of Sariš beer.

The campaign did not seek direct sales results — we knew that the Slovaks living abroad have no place to buy Šariš beer. The campaign rewards were a lot of generated media space and building brand awareness of Šariš as the true beer of the eastern Slovaks, a beer that can bring them a piece of home anywhere in the world.

Here's a case study for Slovak speaking folks.


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