Observing a rare Slovak animal species it in its natural habitat.   

Slovak cod "Treska" Slovak cod "Treska" Slovak cod "Treska"
Ryba Žilina ― Slovak cod "Treska"

There's a lot of different kind of cod fish, Pacific cod, Atlantic cod, Alaska pollock, Greenland cod. But did you know there's also a Slovak cod? When people say "cod" (Treska) in slovakia, most of people don't think of the actual fish but of a traditional Slovak "salad" made of mayonnaise, cod bits, some veggies and vinegar. 

The fish salad was promoted, by the government, as a tasty delicacy in order to incorporate fish into peoples' diet, because of declining health concerns in the 1950s after the war and the lack of fish consumption (Slovakia is landlocked and the fish was expensive). The salad has since become a national dish, so to speak, and has grown into the country's culture so much that when someone says "Cod", most people just think of the salad, and that's the main word play of our campaign — creating a new species in the animal genus of cod: the Slovak cod.

The problem is, there's more brands making the salad and there's a lot of varieties. How to anchor the client's brand into the consumers' minds so that'd they always reach for our Treska from Ryba Žilina instead of the competition's?

We've created a documentary, observing the Slovak cod in it's natural habitat — a grocery store, where the species spend the most time of its life.


The case study mentions media channels and creatives communicating the Slovak cod in a form of a documentary film, and a website describing specifications of cod species, including our Slovak cod, such as species dispersion, weight, length, average lifespan and characteristics. The site also contains a "research" quiz inquiring people into information about how do they consume their Treska for engagement and shareability. 


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