You always find a place for something that matters for you.   

A place for Acidko A place for Acidko A place for Acidko
Rajo ― A place for Acidko

Acidko is a popular acidified milk product in Slovakia and its consumers are loyal customers. It's no wonder — it tastes so good that you can't stop, plus it's healthy too! That's what makes it an ideal drink for everyday use.

Customers know about its health benefits, there's no need to mention them. What's more important is not to forget about them and swap the drink for something unhealthy.

The campaign reminded people that if you really love something, it will find its place in your life; either at home, at work, when you travel, or when you study. An iconic song from a popular Slovak band TEAM has a verse saying "I will hold this place for you, there's no need to worry" and we've used the melody to our advantage in order to communicate that you should always make some place for the things that matter for you — a place for Acidko.

The claim "A place for Acidko" has been also used in the stores, workplaces and other outdoor locations.

When shopping, you often remember that you forgot to buy something important back at home, so we've reminded people not to forget about the important thing in store

Acidko has also found its special place among the facebook fans.
Acidko Facebook posts

And last, but not least: the TV spot:


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