A new medium: 3D voice of a loved one.   

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O2 ― Words that spark joy

O2 is one of our favorite clients and the brainstorming ideas always sparkle of creativity. And so, a campaign promoting unlimited calls turned into something big.

First, the product. We wanted to remind people that calls are a great thing, and it's worth using them even in this time of data usage. Of course, we could just talk about how unlimited calls save more money, blah, blah. But instead we were given a free hand and we've managed to create a new medium!

We've created a website where people uploaded a voice message for their friends and loved ones. Then, our magic algorithm has processed the voice and transformed it into a printable 3D file, which was sent to the users as a necklace. This way, you could gift someone your voice that they could carry around all the time. Something personal to carry with care, a gift to be worn for years. 

And maybe, if they look at the necklace it would remind them to make a call to someone close.


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