The best defense against cyber threats is your knowledge   

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ČSOB ― Digital Intelligence

Cyber threats are becoming more common and cyber criminals are slick and cunning, stealing not only our personal information but sometimes even money. A good protection is knowledge and computer literacy.

ČSOB had launched an ongoing educative project called "Digital Intelligence" that aimed to lower the risks of cyber attacks and scams in the online financial world, with ESET as the project guarantor.

The project was centered around the new platform where users could find information about potential cyber threats and how to protect against them. Website visitors would measure their DQ — Digital Quotient and receive their digital intelligence certificate upon competing the test successfully.

Digital Quotient certificate

But the real fun started with the second year of the Digital Intelligence activation, launching with a brand new campaign in cooperation with a famous Slovak YouTuber and influencer Expl0ited that posted some videos where he was "hack-pranked" by another Slovak YouTuber/programmer Yablko, like ordering 100 pizzas from Explo's phone to his home address, or phishing his Instagram account details and streaming from his account with random people from the streets. All of the pranks now could've been seen on the Digital Intelligence website as well.

The hack-pranks series hosted on Expl0ited's channel had over 1 000 000 views and were his most popular videos of the year.

The website also served as an educational platform for 63 Slovak high schools for teaching the children how to protect themselves on the internet. Explo and Yablko visited the high schools spreading the cyber threats awareness and students took real online quizes, competing for the school with the highest DQ. The project was noticed by the RTVS (nationwide public broadcasting) that reported about the initiative the in the prime news.

And here's the case study for Slovak speaking folks.


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