1 million USD for entrepreneurs that do something extra for the good of others.   

The Venture The Venture The Venture
Chivas Regal ― The Venture

Founders of the Chivas Regal, the Chivas Brothers, were known to be incredibly skilled businessmen. It was said that they can get hold of anything, and what they can't find they create by themselves. It is also known that they cared about people and they wanted to share their achievements with others.

That's why the Chivas company is organizing an annual campaign The Venture, communicating responsible business and supporting entrepreneurs.  2016 was the first year Slovakia also participated in the activity and TRIAD helped out.

We've created a promotional video calling out the target audience to do something "extra", and do something right. Call to action is presented by Lukáš Alner, an entrepreneur, investor and a jury for The Venture Slovakia. 

The campaign carries other interesting media and formats, and we've done our part by blasting it off with our stylish video. Check it out.


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