Now you can get an excuse for anything   

Excuse Generator 3000 Excuse Generator 3000 Excuse Generator 3000
Bratislavské dobrovoľnícke centrum ― Excuse Generator 3000

We call this this magical device "Excuse Generator 3000" and we've launched it as a Facebook app exactly 2 years before a volunteering event 72 hours without a compromise, aim of which is to mobilize young people to do something good for their environment instead of their regular job for a short while.

The input for the Excuse Generator are your regular daily job obligations which are then used to make an excuse. Since the generator creates them at random, the possibilities are in hundreds and almost every excuse is unique. If you like the excuse, you may save it into your Facebook album.

Viral effect

We knew that people are going to like the Excuse Generator, but even we were surprised at how many people have used the generator with a media budget of 0 cents.


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